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Contrasting yet complimentary textures work together to create a visually striking fabric in this shawl. The compact size allows it to be worn in a variety of ways; wrapped around the neck, gracefully askew over one shoulder, or draped over the back in traditional shawl style.

Please note the following Errata for this pattern as of Feb 27, 2018:
Under Bamboo Stitch section - first line should read as follows (changes shown in bold and italicized text)
RS rows: Sl1, K2 Slm, M1R, (YO, K2, pass YO over last 2 sts) to 1 st before marker, K1, M1R, Slm, K1, Slm, M1L, K1, (YO, K2, pass YO over last 2 sts) to marker, M1L, Slm, K3.