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PLEASE NOTE! For now we will not be accepting walk-in students (especially for our project help classes), so you must register ahead of time. This will help us maintain small class sizes for the comfort and safety of our teachers and students. PLEASE SIGN UP AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE CLASS. Thank you!

Ready to learn how to knit? Click here to sign up for this incredibly thorough beginning knitting class.

Cost: $ 80.00
This class is perfect to know the basics of knitting and you are ready to explore new techniques. Click here to learn more!

Cost: $ 100.00
This is a great first knitting project! Click here to sign up and learn more.

Cost: $ 55.00
Join this fun and informative group! Click here to sign up for a single Intermediate Knitting project class with Jacquie.

Cost: $ 20.00
Join this fun and informative group! Click here to sign up for a single Intermediate Knitting Project Class with Janet.

Cost: $ 20.00
Join this fun and informative group! Click here to sign up for a single Intermediate Knitting Project Class with Sue.

Cost: $ 20.00
This is a great class for beginners to learn simple mending techniques to bring new life to their beloved garments! Click here to read more and sign up.

Cost: $ 65.00
Mistakes happen when knitting, and learning how to recognize and correct them is empowering! In this class you will learn how to recognize and fix mistakes. Click here to read more and sign up!

Cost: $ 75.00
Have you completed the Beginning Stranded Colorwork class and ready to expand your skills to manage long floats? Click here to sign up!

Cost: $ 75.00
You've mastered casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off... so what's next? This class will take you beyond the basics while making a simple, stylish beanie. Click here to sign up!

Cost: $ 70.00
Private Class with Jacquie

Cost: $ 50.00
The Swiss Darning class is designed for those who have experience with regular darning or knitting and want to take their mending skills to the next level. Sign up here.

Cost: $ 45.00
Additional Information
All students will receive a 10% class discount on their class supplies. Students in multi-session classes will receive the class discount until the end of the final session. Please let us know that you are a registered student at the time of purchase.
Please pay in advance to reserve your place in class. Payments with credit card can be made by registering on our website or by phone.
If the class minimum is not met, students will be notified prior to the class start date and a full refund will be given.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class to make sure you have all the materials you need.
Our Instructors

Janet Charbonnier has been fascinated with fabric and garment creation since she was a child, and at an early age she became an accomplished seamstress.Her love of knitting took root in the 1980s after taking a beginning knitting class at a local yarn shop in Portland, Oregon. She has experience in knitting nearly every type of garment imaginable, but today her favorite knitting projects are sweaters, although she usually has an accessory or two on the needles as well! Janet joined Acorn Street in the 1990s and over the years has used her knitting expertise to guide countless customers with their projects. She truly enjoys helping knitters make garments that fit well and that they will enjoy for years to come.

Clare Cronkleton cannot remember a time that she did not own a crochet hook, though she was always mystified by crochet and never really felt like she understood what was going on.  She understood knitting very easily and was satisfied.  Not until she was an adult did she gain the understanding necessary for crochet projects.  She has been teaching crochet and knitting for nearly 20 years in a variety of school, community and retail settings.

Gabby Discepoli is a midwestern transplant who has been living in Seattle since September 2017.  she moved here with her miniature dachshund, Picasso, and learned how important it is for her pup to be cozy on their rainy walks.  coming from the world of fashion design, she decided to pick up knitting, and successfully created sweaters and accessories for her low-rider companion.  Since learning this new skill, she has completed many projects for herself and her loved ones.  She even started a small business called Wooly Weenie Dog, where she sells handmade accessories for pets of all shapes and sizes (find her on Etsy and social media @woolyweeniedog).  She has written her first pattern, the Pet Bow Tie, and is excited to teach others the joy of knitting through a quick, easy-to-learn project.  It's never too late to pick up a new hobby and prioritize creativity!

Sue Falcone has been knitting since she was 12 years old. She takes great pride in the fact that her daughter and two granddaughters are fabulous knitters, although they often raid her stash for the good stuff! Sue’s experience and knowledge are extensive having worked at a variety of yarn shops in the greater Seattle area, most currently at Acorn Street Shop. Her patience and encouragement are stellar in helping knitters improve their skills and move forward with their projects. You may have already seen her helping customers at the big table at Acorn. She can be found on Ravelry as susna. Check out some of the 700 + projects he has posted!

Susanna Hansson was born in Sweden and learned to knit at a young age, although she has been known to say that her “knitting life” really began in America in the mid-1980s. She began teaching in the early 1990s and today is a skilled knitter as well as a highly-regarded instructor who teaches in Washington State and at national conventions. Susanna’s workshops and classes are grounded in her love of color, technique, and attention to detail and include comprehensive and well-researched handouts. Finishing For The Finicky is her longest running workshop, developed because of her personal frustration with lack of success putting her own sweaters together. Susanna continues to expand her own growth as a knitter so she can provide the most current information and techniques to her students.

Jacquie Hubbard does not recall a time that she did not enjoy fiber arts -- knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, and embroidery. Her fibery journey began as a young child in Canada when an adopted Welsh grandmother first placed wool and knitting needles in her hands. After working a few decades in healthcare, Jacquie has spent the last six years assisting customers, teaching knitting, and hosting make-alongs in the LYS setting in the PNW. Jacquie's students regularly describe her as an incredibly patient and full-on fun teacher with oodles of fiber arts know-how. Jacquie delights in her students' successes as she helps them build skills and confidence to create the projects of their dreams at all levels of complexity and unravel the boo-boos that sometimes cross the paths of all knitters. She can be found as knitsmuch on Ravelry, and stitchmuch on Instagram.

Gregory Menard moved to Seattle from Arizona in 1991. Growing up in a military household, he has lived all over the country. As a child he was encouraged in all of his artistic endeavors, even being taught to knit when he asked, at 11. He dabbled in many creative pursuits, but has always come back to knitting, his first love. After a long hiatus caused by a disastrous, pre-YouTube, attempt to make a sock, his desire to knit was rekindled by the sight of a woman on the ferry knitting socks, one almost complete on her needles. If she could do it, he was determined that he could too! That was 20 years ago and he soon began his relationship with Acorn Street. He credits the staff, and with their help was able to conquer socks and is now fascinated by garment construction. He has knit every kind of garment and is currently experimenting with pants! Recently retired after 45 years as a hairdresser, he is looking forward to putting to use some of what he learned from teaching how to cut hair into teaching how to knit. He is thrilled to be joining the Acorn Street family.

Vanesa Polo is originally from Barcelona.  She moved to the Seattle area in 2002 for a tech job.  She remembers seeing her grandmother knitting socks on very thin metal double pointed needles.  Her grandmother taught her how to knit.  Vanesa knitted one garter stitch scarf and never knitted again for 20 years.  Once the love for knitting was rekindled, it never stopped.  She would plan her next project around a new technique she wanted to learn, always wanting to learn more.  Vanesa enjoys teaching knitting classes on specific techniques and has designs on Ravelry.  Her latest creative adventure is pottery, she has been playing with mud for a few years and creates items with knitting influences.

Mary Rourke is an east coast transplant who considers herself lucky to call Seattle home for the last 20+ years. She learned how to knit from her mother as a child, but the bug didn't truly take her until she was in her mid-twenties. Since then her needles have been on overdrive, knitting everything under the sun (including a pair of men's underwear!). Mary started working at Acorn Street as part-time Sunday help while also working in high-tech, then left the corporate world altogether to become a full-time Staff member, and is now co-owner of the shop with Janet. She enjoys her time with all of Acorn's wonderful customers and is grateful for the fun and inspiration that they provide every day. She can be found on Ravelry as spork.

Rachel Weigelt has always had a passion for creating art, crafting and sustainability. She learned to sew at a young age from her grandmother who trusted her with an old Singer machine and taught her the skills to make, mend and reimagine her clothes. As a farm wife and child of the depression, her grandmother instilled the importance of caring for things and making them last. Rachel now uses her creative problem solving and sewing skills to extend the life of existing clothing and other textiles. Her vision is to offer these services to disrupt fast-fashion, have a meaningful impact on climate change and show respect for those who make our clothes. Currently her studio is in her home in the Ravenna/Wedgewood neighborhood of Seattle. Find more details about Rachel’s tailoring and mending business at